Be more than a Influencer an owner more than a creator an innovator

Be more than an influencer

Be an owner

Own a part of the new travel trend

We are creating a new way of travelling, THE SUSPRISE TRIPS, and you can be a key part in the international scalation.

We are searching TOP INFLUENCERS and CREATORS that can help us to convert the world of tourism. 

And, of course, we will share our success with you, you will be an OWNER OF THE COMPANY.

Build generational wealth

You have the opportunity to earn ownership in an Startup with more than 20.000 customers and a worldwide approach that could change your wealth for even future generations.

Most of influencers deals are in cash, and that must keep being like this, but influencers and creators have the opportunity to be more than “suppliers” and convert themself in owners of the businesses they share with their communities.


Wowtrip, a new way of travelling

A Wowtrip is a trip to an unknown destination where the travelleres discover their destination right at the airport. 

Wowtrip is a new way of travelling, a new way of living, a new way to get exited.

More than 20.000 travellers tried our new way of travelling and we will reach millions of travelleres worldwide during next years.

We create trips, you create dreams.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the tourism sector, we have sold more than 500M€ in trips durig our carrer, but we are business people, we are travel experts.

You are what we are not, you are a dream builder, you are an inspiration for your communities, you are the booster in the equation.

Now yo can own part of the company if you help us to succes in our goals.

Let us share something...

Listen to Reed Duscscher, MrBeast’s manager, speaking about their view about deals for equity for influencers and creators.

The Zalando case, 29900% increase in revenue after their equity for influence deals.

You may have lot of questions, here you have some answers

We want a lifestyle influencer, with a large community in Germany, Swizerland and/or Austria. 

We will include, appart from the equity, any travel cost needed to live the emotions of Wowtrip and to create the needed content. We don’t plan to add cash in the deal but we are open to negociate.

No, you will own shares of the company so you will be partly owner of the company but you won’t need to spent time inside the company. Your role in the proyect will be to share our vision and product with your community. 

Of course, as a share holder, you will have the posibility to influence inside the company and you will have the power to vote in our management commissions, if you want so.

This part of the deal can’t be disclosed in this dossier, we will tell you in the first call or meeting. 

We are an Startup and as much of Startups we will have to possibilities: 

An exit where we sell the company and we get a return of X times the investment. 

The delivery of dividends during future years to earn money yearly with the company. 

We will be a new travel trend with millions of clients in all continents. 

We are planting the roots to be worlwide known travel agency.

During next year we will growth in Germany, Swtizerland, Austria and France. After that, we will conquer the rest of Europa and we will jump to USA.

We value so much the management agencies so we have shares as well to be delivered to the agencies. 

So if you are part of an agency, we want to chat with you.

This is our first touch, we will be happy to tell you more about us and our proposal

Alberto Alcolea